Law Office of James O. Stola -
James O. Stola has been practicing law throughout the United States and Internationally for over 35 years.  He has had extensive experience in Fine Art and Antiquities negotiations, acquisitions, 1031 Deferred Tax Exchanges, and sales on behalf of dealers, galleries, institutions, and private collectors.

Thinking of donating your collection to a museum, contact Mr. Stola.  

"Although I am experienced in many facets of the law, I have acquired vast experience in the Visual Arts and Antiquities.  I represent Artists, Galleries, Art Dealers, Institutions, as well as Private Collectors.  I have negotiated 6 to 9 Figure Art transactions.  1031 Deferred Tax Exchanges are becoming more popular among collectors of fine art.  I welcome inquiries regarding 1031 Exchanges and tax deductible museum donations with fine art, antiquities, and artifacts as the basis.  All my clients' matters are handled efficiently and confidentially."  
Jim Stola  
Fine Art and Antiquities Acquisitions and Sales Advisor
Licensed Trial various Federal and State Courts

Art Law of all types
Paymaster Services
Transactional Representation
1031 Deferred Tax Art and Antiquities Exchanges
Fine Art Purchases, Sales, and Exchanges Consultation
West African Tribal Artifacts Law Consultant
Museum Accession Donor Consultant 
for Art, Antiquities, and Artifact Collectors
Commercial and Residential Real Estate

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